Blackheads: Solutions You Could Consider To Eliminate Them

Skin problems can deal a big blow to your self-confidence. One of the most common ailments people are afflicted with is acne. Instead of letting this skin disorder take over your life, there are ways that you can manage it or get rid of it altogether. Most people who have acne tend to try to burst the pimples. What this does is irritate the skin further and cause scarring, which inadvertently develops into blackheads. Blackheads are quite unsightly, and most sufferers would want to have them removed. Here are some handy solutions you could consider for blackhead removal.

Pharmaceutical medication

When it comes to removing blackheads, the most effective ingredients in medication are salicylic acid as well as benzoyl peroxide. Typically, these medications are supposed to be applied directly to the skin for them to combat the blackheads. However, if you are starting on a new medication, you should monitor the progress of your skin so as to ensure that it is not reacting adversely to the medication. For best results when it comes to selecting medications for the blackheads, it would be best to consult your dermatologist beforehand.

Oil-based products versus water-based products

Individuals with acne-prone skin are best advised to steer clear of oil-based products. The reason for this is that oil-based product will block the pores of your skin thus resulting in breakouts on a more frequent basis. This is because your skin is already producing oil and when this oil, known as sebum, gets trapped in the pores, the acne pimples start to develop. By using water-based products, you are on your way to effective blackhead removal as your pores will be clog free, thus preventing the onset of more acne. Shop around for various water-based products and experiment with them to find the products that will work best with your skin.

Natural Honey

One of the natural remedies that are effective in blackhead removal is honey. Honey is composed of a number of compounds that are effective in reducing inflammation while hydrating the skin. In addition to this, honey is also known for its antibacterial properties, which are helpful in combating the bacteria that will cause acne and blackheads. Honey will also help in the removal of dead skin cells, thus promoting the growth of new healthy skin that is acne free. You could take a spoonful of honey on a daily basis, or alternatively, you could dab the honey directly on the blackheads.