Why should you prefer teledermatology to face-to-face consultation?

Teledermatology is a method in which consultation between a patient and a dermatologist occurs through the web, using telecommunication devices. It is a fast, affordable and efficient way for you to get skin treatment with minimal hassle. With the minimum requirement of devices with telecommunication devices, this new way of dermatological consultation is likely to change the manner in which dermatologists manage their patients and work.

It is highly effective and efficient

Teledermatology serves a variety of patients and is not restricted to geographical locations. People in rural areas or people in which dermatological clinics are rare get access to dermatological services through teledermatology. Also, the consultation and diagnosis in teledermatology are up to par with face to face consultation and diagnosis.  Unlike in a face-to-face where the dermatologist examines your skin physically, in teledermatology, the dermatologist will examine you through video teleconferencing or through the digital pictures that you will upload. This form of consultation has been shown to yield an accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

It is a time-saver

Teledermatology saves you time in many ways. First, it saves you the trouble and the time to travel from the comfort of your home, or your office to go to a clinic to receive consultation and diagnosis. When you prefer teledermatology, all you need is a teleconferencing device for you to seek consultation with your dermatologist. You could, therefore, spend this extra time at your hands to attend to other productive matters. Moreover, you do not need to conduct a live teleconsultation with the dermatologist. You may upload your information and digital images and wait for your diagnosis. Another way in which teledermatology saves you time is that the wait time to be attended to is a lot less than when you prefer to visit a clinic and book your appointment.

Improved coordination of your patient information

Most people have their primary caregivers or physicians, who often recommend them to specialists, such as dermatologists. Since teledermatology involves uploading your patient information to the website, this information is easily coordinated between your physician and the dermatologist. This is important because it ensures that your data and treatment history is up to date.

Teledermatology is not in any way a replacement of face-to-face consultations but tries to solve some of the shortcomings of face-to-face consultations. If you prefer conventional means and would rather have a face-to-face consultation, the results will be the same except you will miss the advantages that other patients will enjoy. To learn more, contact services such as Dermo Direct.